How do I apply a coupon to my order?

How do I apply a coupon to my order?

At the very top of the checkout page, just above the “Billing Address” section, you will see a tab with the text “Have a coupon code? Click here to enter it now!” Simply click the link to expand the section and apply the coupon to your order.

Do Heavyocity products work in Apple OS X 10.9 Mavericks?

At this time, Native Instruments is reporting that Kontakt does not function properly in 10.9. NI is working to remedy this. If you are attempting to run Kontakt in 10.9 Mavericks it is advised to turn off the Kontakt Memory Server. Some users are reporting that this fixes the issue.

I recently purchased a product from your website but have not received any download information. Where is it?

Once a purchase is made from our store a confirmation email is sent from us to you with your order number. A second email is then sent from Amazon SES servers containing the download links and installation instructions for the product you purchased. On occasion email clients may flag these emails as SPAM. Please be sure to check your SPAM folder if you have not received your download links and instructions.

Does Heavyocity offer an Artist Discount program?

We believe everyone should receive an “artist discount”. To assure this, we have optimized our production costs along the way to guarantee the best priced products for everyone.

Can I use my EDU Discount to Purchase Sale Items?

Unfortunately, the EDU Discount applies only to full-priced items and can not be used on sale items.

Are Heavyocity Boxed Products Available?

To keep the cost of our products as low as possible without sacrificing content all Heavyocity instruments and libraries are available as digital downloads only.

My Product Does Not Load Properly. What Should I Do?

First, make sure you have the latest version ( of the Kontakt 5 (Player). Kontakt error messages are common when a preset is loaded in an older version of Kontakt. If that does not fix the issue, please contact us at: support(at)

I Missed A Sale. Can I Still Get The Discount?

Unfortunately, we are unable to issue retroactive discounts. Please subscribe to our mailing list below to be informed of future offers and discounts.

Where Can I Find My Serial Number?

Your serial number can be found in the Download email sent in addition to your purchase receipt. Be sure to keep your serial number in a safe place. Without it, you can not authorize your products.

My Download Link Has Expired. What Should I Do?

If the time period has elapsed for your download, please contact us via email at: support(at)

How Do I Install My Download?

Each download purchase will come with an associated Installation manual. Please refer to the Installation instructions found in your download purchase email.

How Do I Authorize My Instruments?

All of our products are powered by the Native Instruments Kontakt Engine. Make sure to “add” your library to Kontakt (Player) by clicking the “add library” button on the top left of the Kontakt Browser. Next, Navigate to your library folder and click “Choose”. You will now be able to activate the library via NI Service Center. If you receive an error message, first make sure you have the latest version of the Kontakt (Player). Kontakt error messages are common when a library is loaded into an older version of Kontakt. If that does not fix the issue, please contact us at: support(at)

What’s the difference between Evolve and Evolve Mutations (1 and 2)?

Evolve, Evolve Mutations, and Evolve Mutations 2 are all separate products. There is no shared content in any of the 3 libraries, meaning you won’t find presets from one product in the others. The Mutations products are a bit more glitchy and tweaked, whereas Evolve has a more organic feel to it. Evolve is around 6GB of sample content, and just over 1100 presets. For more information on the differences between the 3, please visit our product comparison page.

My Evolve 1.5 Presets Do Not Load Properly. What Should I Do?

First, make sure you have the latest version of the Kontakt (Player). If that does not fix the issue, please contact us at: support(at)

I Own Evolve 1.5, Should I Get The Evolve Update?

We don’t recommend getting the update. This latest version of EVOLVE contains the exact same content and features as your current version. What’s more, any projects where you’ve used EVOLVE previously will still require the old version to function. Plus, installing the new version will take up unnecessary disk space, and duplicate your library tab entries.

I Own Evolve 1.5 and Maschine, Should I Get The Evolve Update?

Yes, as the new EVOLVE has been optimized for browsing and loading sounds from MASCHINE. You should have already received an email with details of how to update.

I Own Evolve 1.0, and Have Not Upgraded To 1.5, Should I Get The Update?

You have 2 options.  If you would like to gain the added functionality, but do not want to duplicate your library tab entries and disk space usage, you can download the free 1.5 upgrade (found in the downloads tab on the Evolve product page). If you plan on using Evolve with Maschine, you can download the new Evolve for the added maschine functionality. Please visit Native Instruments’ EVOLVE FAQ page and fill out the support form to request the free update.

I purchased one of your products at full price and just found out it is now on sale. Can I get a refund?

If you purchased a product 5 business days before a sale (no exceptions) we will refund the difference, if requested. Simply forward a copy of your e-receipt to us and we will refund the difference to the form of payment used at time of purchase.